HORN PLEASE from Shantanu Suman on Vimeo.

Horn Please

Horn Please is a documentary that encapsulates various aspects of an age-old folk art form of India — the TRUCK ART, an art form that makes journeys through the dusty highways of India, incredible in more ways than one. With a kaleidoscope of bright paints, motifs, typography and some unique couplets, these Indian trucks take you on a rather colorful journey of diverse cultures and beliefs of the country. The designs painted on the trucks do not merely stand for aesthetic purposes, but they also attempt to depict religious, sentimental, and emotional viewpoints of the people related to the truck industry.


The Horn Please Documentary Team

Concept and Research: Shantanu Suman

Produced by: Talkies Films, Mumbai

Directed by: Shantanu Suman, Istling Mirche

Director of Photography: Istling Mirche, Shantanu Suman

Music Director: Atif Afzal

Written by: Shreedavy Babuji

Post Production: The Cutting Crew, Mumbai

Audio Producer: Radioactive Productions

Narrator: Bapi Bit

Chief Editor: Raju Pandit

Assistant Editors: Sanjay Thakore, Vinay Uduta, Mithun Swamy

Art Director: Shantanu Suman

Other Photographers: Shreedavy Babuji, Nidhi Kamath, Ayan Das, Rajdeep Goswami, Rahul Jati, Nishant Nirupam

Special Thanks to: Renu Devi, Vijoy Kumar Singh, Sharan Masand, Pooja Sharan Masand, Vivek Shah, Shaamik Shah, Arun Solanki, Sarthak Dasgupta. Aldrin Rodrigues, Nakul Pardeshi, Marisa Falcigno