Horn Please Trailer

7 states. 45 days. A backpack trip.

Result: A documentary on Indian Truck Art


Here’s a sneak peek of HORN PLEASE


Concept and Research: Shantanu Suman

Produced by: Talkies Films, Mumbai

Directed by: Shantanu Suman, Istling Mirche

Director of Photography: Istling Mirche, Shantanu Suman

Music Director: Atif Afzal

Written by: Shreedavy Babuji

Translation: Shreedavy Babuji

Post Production: The Cutting Crew, Mumbai

Audio Producer: Radioactive Productions

Narrator: Bapi Bit

Chief Editor: Raju Pandit

Assistant Editors: Sanjay Thakore, Vinay Uduta, Mithun Swamy

Art Director: Shantanu Suman

Other Photographers: Shreedavy Babuji, Nidhi Kamath, Ayan Das, Rajdeep Goswami, Rahul Jati

Special Thanks to: Sharan Masand, Pooja Sharan Masand, Vivek Shah, Shaamik Shah, Arun Solanki, Sarthak Dasgupta. Aldrin Rodrigues, Nakul Pardeshi

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  1. Dana says:

    Can’t wait to see your film this Friday!!! Especially after spending 6 weeks traveling the roads of India and sharing it with these colorful trucks.

  2. Looking forward to seeing it.
    Well done Shantanu :)


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  4. My Blog says:

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